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Create and view a map for radio transmissions
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Control and optimize the range and coverage of an amateur radio station. Generate an area map with rectangular, azimuthal, and globe view modes. Identify the DXCC territories, state and province installations, Q and ITU Zones, etc. Calculate antenna and distance parameters.

Many people have the pastime of searching radio and TV transmissions from all over the world using their own radio equipment. This is known as DXing. DX Atlas is a program that features world maps showing the different CQ and ITU zones, as well as the prefixes used in them for transmission and reception of radio waves.

The program allows you to show the maps in rectangular, azimuthal, and globe formats. You can locate easily the different prefixes by searching by all locations, or just by the main world cities. You can pin the locations to and from which you want to send/receive radio signals.

This software has more tools and features that only people with some knowledge about DX can decipher. As you can see, this is a highly specialized program, aimed at a specific group of people. Thus, it wouldn't be very useful for people who aren't into the DX community.

Another drawback is that the program's interface and graphics are rather dull. If you add that the program is not very affordable, maybe you want to consider other options as well.

You can try the program for 30 days before purchasing. If you are an amateur DX'er, then you may like this program.

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  • See maps in different formats
  • Pin radio locations
  • Look for CQ and ITU zones


  • The interface is rather dull
  • Its use is very specialized
  • Not very affordable


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